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Notice of Foreclosure

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Notice is given under section 3212 of the revised judicature act of 1961, 1961 PA 236, MCL 600.3212, that the following mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale of the mortgaged premises, or some part of them, at a public auction sale to the highest bidder for cash or cashier’s check at the place of holding the circuit court in Alcona County, starting promptly at 10 a.m. on January 11, 2023.

The amount due on the mortgage may be greater on the day of sale. Placing the highest bid at the sale does not automatically entitle the purchaser to free and clear ownership of the property. A potential purchaser is encouraged to contact the county register of deeds office or a title insurance company, either of which may charge a fee for this information:

Name(s) of the mortgagor(s): Paul Robert White, a single man. Original mortgagee: Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., as mortgagee, as nominee for lender and lender’s successors and/or assigns.

Foreclosing assignee (if any): Specialized Loan Servicing LLC. Date of mortgage: November 14, 2005. Date of mortgage recording: November 18, 2005. Amount claimed due on date of notice: $27,705.94.

Description of the mortgaged premises: Situated in Township of Caledonia, Alcona County, Michigan, and described as: Parcel D: Part of the NE 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of Section 7, T28N, R8E, described as: Commencing at the north 1/4 corner of said Section 7; thence north 87 degrees 40 minutes 21 seconds west 605.00 feet along the north section line of said Section 7 to the point of beginning; thence south 3 degrees 33 minutes 10 seconds west 264.00 feet; thence north 87 degrees 40 minutes 21 seconds west 220.00 feet; thence north 3 degrees 33 minutes 10 seconds east 264.00 feet to said north section line; thence south 87 degrees 40 minutes 21 seconds east 220.00 feet along said north section line to the point of beginning. Subject to any part thereof that may be used for road right of way purposes.

Common street address (if any): 180 E. Spruce Road, Spruce, Mich. 48762.

The redemption period shall be six months from the date of such sale, unless determined abandoned in accordance with MCL 600.3241a; or, if the subject real property is used for agricultural purposes as defined by MCL 600.3240(16).

If the property is sold at foreclosure sale under Chapter 32 of the Revised Judicature Act of 1961, pursuant to MCL 600.3278 the borrower will be held responsible to the person who buys the property at the mortgage foreclosure sale or to the mortgage holder for damaging the property during the redemption period.

Attention homeowner: If you are a military service member on active duty, if your period of active duty has concluded less than 90 days ago, or if you have been ordered to active duty, please contact the attorney for the party foreclosing the mortgage at the telephone number stated in this notice.

This notice is from a debt collector.

Date of notice: November 23, 2022

Trott Law, P.C.

31440 Northwestern Hwy, Suite 145

Farmington Hills, Mich. 48334

(248) 642-2515


11-23, 11-30, 12-7, 12-14

The regular meeting of the Harrisville City Council was held on November 14 at the city office. The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by mayor Gehring and the "Pledge of Allegiance" was said. Present: Mayor Gehring; treasurer Luenberger; clerk Pierce; and council members, Peterson, Kaiser, Schwanz, Mason, Bean, and Bauermeister; and guests. Absent: Attorney Cook.

Motion by Mason, support by Bean, to approve the minutes of October 10. Motion carried 6-0. Motion by Bean, support by Kaiser, to pay the bills in the amount of $45,372.27. Motion carried 6-0.

Mayor Gerhing addressed correspondence from resident Charlene Talbot concerning the city’s response to emergency shelters for use for city residents during power outages, etc. Discussion.

Mayor Gehring asked to set the budget hearing for the 2023 water/sewer budget, for December 12 at 7:15 p.m. Motion by Schwanz, support by Bauermeister, to set the budget hearing for the 2023 water/sewer budget for December 12 at 7:15 p.m. Motion carried: 6-0.

As decreed by mayor Gehring, holiday office closures shall be:

Christmas: December 23 and December 26. New Year: December 30, 2022, and January 2, 2023. The city office will reopen Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2023.

Mayor Gehring reported the master plan has been sent to council for review. Denise Cline, NEMCOG representative, has reviewed and updated the master plan for a final review. The plan will now be sent to surrounding municipalities for approval (Greenbush, Harrisville Township, Village of Lincoln). A final vote of approval will be in February, 2023.

The train depot committee has requested a letter of support from the city to Lake State Railway for the restoration of the depot. Mayor Gehring has responded with a letter to support the restoration project.

Motion by Mason, support by Bean, to approve Master Plan upon approval of surrounding municipalities within a 63-day approval timeframe. Ayes: Schwanz, Bauermeister, Kaiser, Mason, Bean, Peterson. Motion carried: 6-0.

Clerk Pierce reported the general election of November 8 went very well. A total of 236 votes were cast with 84 ballots being absent voter ballots. A total of 405 voters are recorded on the city voter list.

Treasurer Luenberger reported that winter 2022 taxes will be sent out December 1.

Harbor Commission Mayor Gehring reported that harbormaster Alexander will call a commission meeting for December. The bubbling system at the docks has had updates completed for the winter season. The two commercial fishing boats that rent dockage at the harbor have not yet signed a rental agreement for the 2023 season.

Planning commissioner Schwanz reported the commission recommends approval of the resident request for vacation of part of Adams and 4th Street. Motion by Mason, support by Peterson, for approval of vacation of said portions of streets pending approval of attorney. Motion carried: 6-0.

Schwanz reported that the planning commission has recommended Ed Chrumka, Todd Zellman, and Mike Stone to fill vacancies on the planning commission. The vacancies will be approved pending council confirmation with additional data from the planning commission as to term limits per each member of the commission.

Fire department: Mayor Gehring reported the fire department had three major fire calls on election day. County Commissioner Thompson reported that the commission meeting dates have been moved to Mondays. The county will be having a county-wide clean-up on the third Saturday in May, 2023. Consumers Energy set up generators for the township election sites that had no power because of the power outage from the storm.

Guest B. Turek questioned when the next planning commission will meet. Becky Bean addressed the Pocket Park Plans for decorations. M. Redlawsk reported on progress of city Christmas decorations and was told that a new electrical outlet has been installed at the end of Main Street for their decorations. Kathy Ashton shared information regarding Christmas in the Village for 2022: Saturday, December 3 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Harrisville Arts Council Building, 3rd Street will offer horse drawn wagon rides, with cookies and hot chocolate served. Arts and craft vendors will be at Maria Hall at St. Anne Catholic Church from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Alderman Bauermeister addressed and suggested the use of the county-wide clean-up project and all the work that goes into planning this scope of a project. Motion to adjourn by Mason, support by Bean. Adjourned at 7:54 p.m.

Next regularly scheduled city council meeting is Monday, Dec.12 at 7 p.m. Published prior to council approval.